Monday, 11:02 AM, i should be studying. I’m home instead of the library: good start to fail this semester. I’m just writing so that i get used to the fact of writing a blog every single day to make myself occuppied. And to spend time usefully instead of scrolling Facebook.

What else should i say… Just had a cup of tea, it was delicious. I’m twenty, and maybe i would like to be ready with customising this blog until my 21th birthday in Novembre.

I also write a diary, notes, short stories, take photos and stuff. And i study. I study a lot. Because pharmacy school here is not that easy as it is abroad. (It’s even more difficult than the medical school. I know because i have a lot of friends who study to be a doctor.

Maybe i should go now.

Hopefuly this will work.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for writing it,